Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where I Have Been

Been away -- June 1st was my sister's birthday and so we made the trip down south (1 1/2 hours) to spend the day with our whole family. I bowled 3 games and the next day I couldn't lift my arm! Getting old ain't for sissy's!

Then the following week was filled with work, laundry, and meetings. .The next 2 days were filled with cooking, cleaning, and decorating at my Mom's for my sister's tea-party bridal shower. The Ginger Honey Muffins and Lavender Cookies were a hit, along with the chocolate dipped strawberries, tea sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms and cupcakes! She loved it! Pretty bride-to be and me poring tea! (see the cupcakes?!)
I decided to spend Saturday night as well because I was pooped and then I could drive back up in the light Sunday AM traffic. When I came home I found these waiting for me:

I just found her yarn on someone's blog I can't remember, but the yarn is heavenly. I think they will be cowls when they grow up

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gilraen said...

Wonderful choices!!! And worth coming home to :)

You will be addicted now ;) :)