Thursday, January 28, 2010

I finished Just Enough Ruffles in March, but never took proper photographs of it. With the yarn and the pattern it was hard to capture the details. This is a good as it's gonna get!

Malabrigo is so nice to knit with -- I love this scarf!

Thank goodness this is not for my cat! Shadow hates it! Let's hope my nephew loves it!
This is from the Book Itty Bitty Knitted Hats and the pattern is "Football". It matches his going home outfit perfectly. He is due to come one month from today!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finished Objects and a Secret Revealed!

Burning Rings of Fire have been on the needles since October 2008 and yes, they are finished. The yarn is Sunshine Yarn in "Indian Corn". I have a sock kit called "Hearts" that have been on the needles since March 2008. I am almost finished with the first one and hope to have them completed to wear on Valentine's Day!

Not knitting related, but this is the diaper cake I made for my sister's shower yesterday. This was fun, and I have to admit it came out great.

This has been my secret knitting -- Sonny Ray. The pattern is "Take Along Sun". I did all ten rays while sitting with my son after his had his appendix out 2 weeks ago. She loved it! He is such a happy guy!

I am now working on a hat for the nephew for his going-home outfit and a football. Pictures will be up when I have finished. I am really trying to devote more time to knitting and to get some older projects off the needles. Stitches West will be here before we know it and they'll be more yarn and projects to try!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yarn Clubs!

This is one of those one-time only clubs. It is Cockadoodle Doo and was only available if you are are Wooly Woolgirl. This is new yarn for me and time will tell if it really grows on me...

Here is the themed kit with a darling bag, a chicken tape measure and you can see the rooster stitch marker above.

My last Plucky Classic yarn. I was a member a year ago and got a blue yarn, green and gray. This time I got 2 blues and 1 gray. Don't get me woring, it's stunning yarn. Hmmm... I did renew.

Here is the Dye Dreams Winter Shipment for the 4 Seasons Club. It came with an Ann Hansen pattern that's lovely. This yarn is so soft (it's the cashmere) but I am not in love with the color. May be selling this one, but I will wait as it may grow on me.

I have some finished objects, but you have to wait until after my sister's baby shower for the post!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Last Woolgirl Club Shipment

Very sad....I loved this club. sniff, sniff........

Patterns for Yarnisma sock pattern, mitts, and a hat. Petite Four soaps, postcards, homemade marshmallow and hot cocoa and check out the whisk! My last name is Love and so I love heart shaped things.
Oh and exclusive Woolgirl Namaste Buddy Bag!

The stitch marker is adorable, but I don't think I captured it very well. Almost forgot the Yarn Love -- in Sugared Grapefruit. Sweet Treat!

Sold the yarn (with the pattern) -- not my thing