Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm See'n Green

Here is ONE Baby Backward Rib sock. ONE -- Didn't get much knitting time this week Here's the stitch close-up -- Mista Alpaca Sock Yarn
My final shipment for the Magnolia Society -- MadelineTosh Yarn. This is her Sock yarn in colorway Verdent
And then her worsted (only available for Magnolias) is Celdon Pottery I just got my renewal and I am hesitating. You get 2 sock yarns and then 2 lace when I don't use. Its absoluting stunning, but have no use. Thinkin' cuz its on the pricey side.


Melissa said...

The green yarn is really pretty. Nice looking socks there! I am soooo jealous of all of you sock makers :)

Karin said...

Nice yarn. The sock looks great!


Mia said...

That "verdant" yarn is beautiful. Good luck with the party planning!