Thursday, November 06, 2008

It Took a Lot of Courage But......

Here is my version of Sursa that I knit 2 years ago. It has been hanging in my closet because I don't really care for it. I could not find the right yarn for the ruffles, and I settled, so it has never been worn.
So I ripped the entire thing out -- here is the ruffle. Noro Cash Ihora that I am selling BTW. It equals a little over 2 hanks -- 88g and it is doubled. $12 to include shipping to US.

And here is my Noro Silk Garden that will be knit into this.

I probabaly won't get to it until next year, but it felt good rewind the yarn and have a project already lined up!


* Cathy * said...

Hi, Jill - in researching for Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap post #4, I happened by your blog and wanted to say hello! I like how your posts are conversational - you sound like someone I'd like to have coffee with sometime! Cathy

* Cathy * said...

oh yeah - and I uh borrowed your mini Christmas tree !! I love that!! take a look at my blog

(and if you haven't had any bites on your Noro, let me know that, too)

ponyknit said...

Hey Jill, I also stumbled upon your blog for the AACS Q4! I just recently frogged a completed project. I'm with you on that one ;)
I also enjoy knitting dishcloths.
Nice to "meet" you!

AmyS said...

I have done that; rip out a project I wasn't happy with. I'm sure your new project with the Silk Garden will be great (couldn't see what it is b/c I'm not on Ravelry). Enjoy!

Cathy said...

Hi, again - thanks for stopping by my blog too! The big yellow lab belongs to a co-worker of mine. I am going to post photos of my co-workers pets for a while b/c I thought that would be a fun idea. From your profile, I see you're a taurus like me ... stubborn semi-perfectionists we are!