Friday, March 13, 2009

Stitches West Yarn Purchases!

OK - Some pics of my stash enhancments from Stitches West. The first one is not from Stitches, but from a great shop in Campbell called Green Planet Yarn. It is Collinette's Jitterbug in "Monet" which I have had on my Loopy Ewe wish list for a while. I saw it in person and had to have it! Pigeon Roof Studios -- "Lady Heather" -- outstanding, and my next to wind up.

Thes next two are from Sweet Grass Wool and are going to be some some scuffs -- this for my Mom in Rain Forest.

And this one for me that has no name.

I love Miss Babs' yarn and this is called Crazy E . I had to get it seeing how its completely different from anything else I have.

This is from Indie Dyer and was featured on Through the Loops for this great beret. Its called "Starry Nights"

I got another Miss Babs yarn, but you'll see it when I show my next FO. I also got a cute knitting bag as well and took a wonderful class on Ergonomics that every knitter should take. We had a great time and can't wait until next year!


Cat said...

oooo! so pretty! I had the best time when I went to Stitches East ... just touching everything! LOL

Joansie said...

What gorgeous yarn! I'm green (that's popular these days, right?) with envy.

Bobbi said...

OOOHHHH, purty. I want that Monet, but then that is why you put that picture first, right?