Friday, November 19, 2010

Socks Galore

I haven't blogged in long time (but I am trying not to stay away so long) and so it looks like I have been busy knitting, This is a span of 4 months or so, so just a lazy blogger and not-so-much a prolific knitter! First up is my Fishbone Gansey socks. Pattern by Anne Hansen, yarn is The Plucky Knitter. I love this, but the yarn had too much nylon it, and I hope that once I wear them and wash them a few times they will soften up.

Dublin Bay socks and the yarn is Skein Queen in Summer Bunting. Happy socks for sure! Really loved this pattern!

These are Kristen Kapur's 2009 Mystery Socks that yes, I finished late in 2010. This was a hard one for me. I knit toe-up, Magic Loop and an afterthought heel. These were cuff-down, short row heel, DPNs! Yarn is Madtosh -- truly fabulous yarn!

This is Misti Alpaca yarn and a free pattern of their website. Yarn was bought at Bobbins Nest in Santa Clara which is one of my favorites! If you click on the picture you can see the cute cuff.

I have knit some hats and neck wraps too, but those will be for another post. Don't want to shock all of you!


Joansie said...

Welcome back! I've missed you. The socks look great. To soften them up try washing and then rinsing them with hair conditioner. I'm told that works great.

staci said...

Awesome socks!

Soxnitter said...

great socks!

RenateS. said...

Doesn't look to me as if you were not prolific in your knitting. Love all the socks you are showing. Now to me "difficult" equals toe up. never get them to fit properly. Looking forward to more photos. Renate

Karin said...

Oh my, I really love the socks. The yarn you used is wonderful. Glad you are back.