Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Homestate SWAP Box Arrived!

Wow did I get spoiled! Nhel sent some awesome goodies, gummies, a tine of yummy mints, some Texas Death Sauce” (that my husband stole already), a candle, a darling notebook, “Don’t Mess With Texas” toothpick holder, 2 beautiful sock patterns,
A San Antonio spoon rest, handmade note cards, scissors, and a calendar with photos of her home state, size 4 DPNS, and then there’s the yarn!

I got some soft and squishy Patons, I hank of Mountain Colors, and 2 hanks of Jitterbug. Nhel, I was overwhelmed with your generosity. These are absolutely stunning, the colors perfect, and I love EVERYTHING! Thanks so much!

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