Friday, February 29, 2008

OK -- I am am fully recovered from Stitches. I would have been ready for a report sooner, but with all the yarn I brought home, a cold decided to hop a ride as well.

It was reported to be the largest Knitting Event so far and we even made Channel 5 news and the cover of the San Jose Mercury News. Knitting has hit the big time!

Well I agree it was BIG! There were over 250 vendors and the quality of yarn was better than last year – in my opinion. I don’t recall a long line last year to get in to the Marketplace on Thursday night, but there was…but we did get a sample of Tofutsie while we were waiting.

Everyone was headed one of two places: Raverly, where I got this cute t-shirt

and Blue Moon Fibers Arts. I decide to wait on Blue Moon because I really didn't want to stand in the very long line and if I didn't look right away, I wouldn't know what I had missed. Later I was able to get 3 hanks of Socks that Rock Silkie and was very happy!

This colorway is Puck's Mischief and it so soft. It's 81% superwash merino and 19% silk in their medium weight. Sorry about the photo below. This colorway, Rook-y, was hard to capture. It's from their Raven series and has wonderful highlights.

This is from Blue Moon's site, so you get an idea of the colors.

I pick up my Raverly passport and went around to the various vendors to have it “stamped”. It was a great idea, as I was able to see some great yarn and meet great vendors like Article Pract. I got this neat blocking system there and now I can block my afghan squares.

I took 3 classes: Chart Reading and Writing with JC Briar and her Get Twisted class the same afternoon. She is a great instructor and I got a lot out of her 2 classes. Then Saturday I took Lucy Neatby’s advanced sock class all day. I learned so much, but I have only been knitting 3 years,so it was a little overwhelming. She is amazing and I really enjoyed it.

I did buy more yarn -- 2 more types of sock yarn and 2 hanks for scarves that I'll tell you about them on some other Friday. I actually have been knitting some yarn as well and I am almost finished with some socks that I'll post those this weekend.


AmyS said...

How wonderful! Sounds like you had fun and were very smart at the same time. Enjoy all your goodies.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to a Knitting gathering!! What are the odds of Alaska ever hosting one, you think????