Friday, October 03, 2008

Amazing Autum Coffee Swap

About Your Yarn Passion

1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both? When did you first learn? I only knit and have been for 4 years

2. Do you like using a particular type of needle or hook? (wood, metal, straight, circular) Is there something you've wanted to try, or a particular size you always seem to be short on? I use Knit Picks Harmony’s both metal and wood. Straight and circular. I always seem to need 6’s and 7’s

3. What kind of projects do you enjoy making? Any types you just haven't ever gotten into as much as others? Socks, scarves, anything NOT LACE

4. What's on your needles\hook right now? What's your oldest UFO (unfinished object)? Lots of socks, mittens, scarves with my oldest being a sweater and an afghan…..

5. If you were going on vacation tomorrow, what project(s) would travel with you? Socks!

6. What are your favorite types of yarns? Any you're allergic too, or just hate working with? Anything in particular you've been dying to try? I am not a mohair fan or scratchy felty wool. I like alpaca, merino…

7. What sort of colors do you love in yarns? Brights? Pastels? More muted colors? Variegated? Are there any you can't stand? I like it all – not really earthy tones, more bright – stripes and variegated…

Your Coffee Passion

1. Do you prefer caffeinated or not? Leaded

2. Whole bean or ground? For what type of pot or press? Whole please

3. What types of roasts do you enjoy? Are you more the light and lively or dark and robust type? Dark and robust – not flavored

4. How do you 'take' your coffee? Creamers? Sweetener? Other add ins? BLACK!

5. That first morning cup - is it about the taste, or the caffeine? Taste.

6. Do you enjoy going out to coffee shops like Starbucks? What are some of your favorites? Convenience. Eggnog Lattes and Pumpkin Spice, Chai

7. You've just made the perfect cup of coffee - is it in a thick mug, or a thinner cup? Where would you sit to drink it? Thick mug and sitting at my computer or on my daybed in the den.

8. You're enjoying that perfect cup, and have a magic cabinet in your kitchen - when you open it, magically, your favorite treats will appear to enjoy alongside the coffee - what are they? Are they sweet? Crunchy? Soft and flaky? Biscotti so crunchy and dip able!

All about YOU!

1. Do you have other hobbies like spinning or scrapbooking? Reading mysteries and yes I have read all the knitting mysteries!

2. Do you collect anything? Not really, but I like pumpkins – not cutesy.

3. What is your favorite part of Autumn? Cool crisp mornings and warm afternoons, fires, smells, leaves, the change in the light…..

4. What sort of scents do you enjoy? Any difference in what you like for your house versus what you like for your body? Spicy for the house, but lavender for me.

5. Are you allergic to anything? Walnuts and cigarette smoke

6. Are you on Ravelry? What's your ID?
Yes, jillglove

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