Friday, March 28, 2008

Fiber Fiber and What's OTN

I have been away looking a colleges with my boys who will be applying this fall,

which explains my blog absence....... This is what's on another set of needles (I thinkI now have 3 different socks OTN)

This is Crusoe, a Knitty pattern. I like the pattern well enough, but maybe I didn't use the right yarn to show it off....

I bought the yarn is Skagway Alaska, and can't recall the name of the yarn shop there. The yarn is Rabbit Ridge Designs in a soft wool/soy blend. The colorway is "Glacier". It is lovely yarn and very soft!


LizzieK8 said...

Put Caruso in my Ravelry Que. I like patterns that break up the colors in sock yarns.

Bamboo Walking Socks is another good one similar to this.

AmyS said...

My niece was accepted at Oregon. Not sure if she'll go there, to U. of Puget Sound or somewhere else. You have quite a time ahead, with those applications, etc. Good luck!