Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What's New

OK -- I finished some socks. These are my basic rib socks I posted a month ago. I am pleased with these, and they will be worn often!

New sock yarn as well. This is a new-to-me sock yarn call Fiesta Baby Boom -- wow this is some soft stuff! I bought it through The Loopy Ewe.
The colorway is Rain Forest. Ain't it purdy? That's my good news. My not so good news is that Ampersand socks are moving sloooowly. Not a mindless pattern, and I have been tired to think lately. Everything is progessing well, but it's just taking time. My Caruso has been partially frogged! I have real small feet, and so I cast on the required 44 stitches and I can get the darn thing over my heel (I knit toe-up). The foot fit fine (maybe a little short) but the ankle was too tight. I frogged the leg back and added 4 stitches and I hope this helps.

For the next 4 Wednesdays, I am taking a toe-up, heel-less spiral sock class. Sounds intriging does it not? That's why I'm taking it! I did up my swatch is Colinette Jitterbug in colorway Parrot -- very nice yarn!

That's what is happening in my world -- whats happening in yours?


Joansie said...

I'm envious that you can cast on only 44 stitches for a pair of socks. That means you can get more socks knitted. Love the yarn.

AmyS said...

Hey Jill! Your yarn looks a lot like the Fiesta yarn I got last summer, but in a different weight I guess, since the name is different. Still haven't knit mine up yet, but I bought a shawl/stole pattern to make with it. One of these days...

LOVE your new socks!