Saturday, April 26, 2008

More New Yarn

I am trying to catch up with posting my new stash. I have not been buying as much either (I did just sign up for the Magnolia Society through MadelineTosh yarns, waiting for my McGregor's Garden and some Plucky Knitter...other than that, its been slow...NOT! AND my second shipment of The Seven Deadly Spins comes soon, as well as My Romantic Comedy Sock Yarn Club...YIKES!

This is the "Don't Be Blue" kit that The Loopy Ewe offered only to those of us who did not make it into their sock club. First some Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn in an exclusive colorway for The Loopy Ewe.
Click on the photo for a close up of the color.
This pattern looks like fun! It has little snakes running up the leg and you add beads for the eyes. I can't wait to do this! (Click to enlarge)
As always with The Loopy Ewe, you get goodies: An acessory bag, a key chain, kisses, and a big Bath Kiss!
I am making progress on my sock -- post to come.....


AmyS said...

Congrats on the gorgeous yarn and goodies. And it looks like you've got more wonderful things on the way. Enjoy!

I was wondering if the yarn I got was Noro or not... no tag attached, there have been some small pieces of straw or something (the infamous vegetable matter?) and some thin parts and some very thick parts. Does that all sound like Kureyon to you? I've only ever seen it in person once, so I'm no expert.

Joansie said...

The yarn looks terrific. The socks have beads? I have a patterns for socks with beads and have yet to try it so please post any hints you may have. Have fun with all that yarn!

Bobbi said...

What a cute pattern!! I am not a snake lover, but I bet if you have some green and then silver looking yarn that would work for a Slitheryn lover.

gilraen said...

I love Sheri's parcels, and how could you be blue receiving this one! Enjoy :)