Thursday, December 18, 2008


Joansie posted her UFOs and so I thought I would as well:

Undercover Club -- remember the monthly shipment of yarn to make 12x12 squares into large blanket? 8 down and 2 to go -- why can't I just finish the darn thing?

Deep Sweater. Back is all done, just 2 small front panels and the short sleeves . Sheeeesh.......

Primavera socks - zzzzzzzzz

Soctoberfest socks -- snoozin'

Sprial socks -- in deep hibernation mode

Valentine Socks -- fast asleep

Rings of fire -- extingused for now

Holiday Carusos -- next to finish after the next UFO listed

Charlie Brown Fall Socks -- almost done!

Gloria Cowl -- yikes!

Gust -- may frog and sell kit

I better log off a knit something......


Joansie said...

Somehow, UFO's sometimes come together and are finished in a short time!!! Nice projects!

LizzieK8 said...

I have so many WIPs now they all think they are UFOs....

Then there are the UFOs....

guilt guilt guilt